Geniuz Design

Eddie Corona

My name is Eddie Corona and im here to tell you that Geniuz Design is the best design company out there right now. In my line of work flyers, business cards, album covers and just about any art in general is always needed. I’ve never met someone so passionate about their craft like the CEO of Geniuz Designs. I personally, have never been disappointed with any of their final production for my company and have never considered going anywhere else. So I can safely say that Geniuz Design is a big part of who Eddie Corona is and will be; and for that, I am forever grateful!


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A new website is on the way!

Yes we know, our current website is very outdated which is why we are working very hard on a new one. Most of the work on here is very outdated so if you’d like to see our most current work please connect with us through our social media pages.