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Photoshop Tutorial – Cool Text Effect

Photoshop Tutorial – Cool Text Effect

Level: Intermediate
Time: 30 Minutes
Resource: Flare, Cloud Brush 01, Cloud Brush 02


This is what we will be creating:


1. Create a new project and make it 1280*638. Double click on the Background layer to unlock it and call it BG. Right click on the layer and click on Blending Options. Click on Gradient Overlay and apply the following settings.


The color settings that I use can be changed by clicking on the gradient. Then double click on the bottom stop on the left and change the color to #0c0c0c. Then do the same for the right stop but with a color of #1b1b1b.


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2. Now go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue and Saturation. Click OK. Click on Colorize. Move the Hue to 180 and the Saturation to 60.


3. Type the text that you want, using a font with sharp edges to get a better result (I used Batman Forever Alternate, which can be downloaded for free at Use a size 250pt, color white. Set the character tracking to -60.


4. Now click in between the first and second letter and hold Alt while you click the left arrow key. You will notice that the letters moved closer. Keep moving until the letter are almost touching. DO NOT MAKE THEM TOUCH.


5. Now duplicate the text layer and right click on the top text layer and click on Rasterize Type.


6. Click on the top text layer and then on Tools bar select the  Rectangular Marquee tool (It is the second one).  Now select the ends of some of the letters.

7. Now select the move tool in the Tools bar and move that selected piece up while holding Shift so it moves proportionally.


8. Do the same on some other parts of the text. Try and be creative, make the ends a letter inter-cross with another letter. This is when you let your creativity out. Don’t over do it to a point where you damage the text or you make the text unreadable. This is what I came up with.


9. Now duplicate the original text not the rasterized text once again. You should have 2 editable text and 1 rasterized. Click on the rasterized text and then click on the editable text under it while holding Shift. This will select both layers. Now go to Layer>Merge Layers (Ctrl+E). You should have an editable text and a regular text. Click on the eye next to the editable text to hide it. Name the top layer Text or something different  and the bottom Original Text.


10. We will not be using the hidden original text anymore but it’s good to keep in case you need to come back and redo something you dont like.


11. Right click on the new rasterized text layer (Lets just call it “Text”) and click on Blending Options. Click on the Bevel and Emboss and change to the following settings.


12. Click on Gradient Overlay and change the following settings.


For the colors, the first color I used was #ffc600, middle is #ffcc51, and last is #ffba00


13.  Now lets add some clouds. Make sure you download the brush in the resources. To load it, click on the Brush tool on the Tools toolbar (Shortcut: B), click on the top arrow to open the Brush Preset Picker. Then click on the Play button on the right side and select Load Brushes…

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14. Browse to where you downloaded the Cloud Brushes. When you open it they should appear at the bottom of your current selected brush set.  Now I included two cloud brush sets which contain different styles of clouds. You may use which ever you prefer since either one will do the trick or you can even combine them.


15. First lets create a new layer and call it Background Clouds and place it in between the text and the Hue and Saturation layer. On the foreground color select a white and now pick a large soft cloud that can fill the whole background.


16. Then just pick different clouds and try and fill the background. The more natural it looks the better.


17. Now create a new layer on top of the text and call it Top Clouds. Select more clouds and place some on top of the text. Try and keep it natural again and also keep the text visible.


18. That is the most important part of this tutorial now let’s just make it look hot!  Duplicate the text layer and move the copy under the original. Right click on the copy and click on Convert to Smart Object. Now go to the top tools on Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. Set the angle to 0* and the distance to 280*.


19. Set the blending mode of this layer to Color Dodge.


20. To add some shine/sparkles to the letters, lets create a new layer and call it Shine. Place this on top of the Top Clouds layer. Select the brush tool and go to the Brush Preset Selection panel. Click on the play button to load a different brush set. Photoshop comes with different brush sets which can come in handy so we want to select the Basic Brushes. If it asks you something just click OK.


21. Select a soft edge brush size 60px. Make sure the foreground color is set to white. Click somewhere on the text with this brush to create kind of like a dot. Do this in  different places of the text. I recommend close to the edges so it gives it that spark on the edge.


22. Now lets go back to select another brush set. This time click on the play button and select Assorted Brushes. If it asks something click OK. Now select the cross looking brush. Make it a size 110px.


23. Using this cross brush on the same Shine layer, click it on top of the previous dots we had created using the previous brush. This will create a shine effect.


24. Since this effect is in the clouds at night then we need some stars in the background. So lets create a new layer on top of everything, call it Stars. Fill the background with a gray color #808080.


25. While selecting the Stars layer, go to Filter>Noise> Add Noise. Amount: 20%, Distribution: Gaussian, check Monochromatic.



26. While selecting the Stars layer, go to Image>Adjustments>Level (Ctrl+L). For the settings on the first box put 253, the center one 0.01, and the last 255.


27. Set the blending mode of the Stars layer to Lighten and the opacity to 30%. Duplicate this layer and move it down to under the Background Clouds layer. This layer on the bottom set the opacity to 60% and leave the blending mode on Lighten.


28. Create a new layer on top of everything and call it Bright Stars. Select the brush tool and this time we want a hard edged round brush, so click on the Brush Preset picker, click the play button and select Basic Brushes. Select a size 6px hard edge brush.


29. On the foreground lets make sure we have white selected. Now open the brush panel which is next to the Brush Preset picker. On the Brush Tip Shape have the size at 6px, roundness 100%, hardness 100%, and check the spacing with 100%.

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30. Check Shape Dynamics feature and change it to the following. Size Jitter: 100%, Control: Off, Minimum Diameter: 0%, Angle Jitter: 0%, Control: Off, Roundness Jitter: 0%, Control: Off.


31. Check the Scattering feature and change it to the following.  Check Both Axes, Scatter: 1000%, Control: Off, Count, 1, Count Jitter: 0%, Control: Off. Also check the Smoothing Feature.


32. Now click on certain spots on the image. We want this spots to be the big ones so just make about 10 dots on the image.


33. Decrease the size of the brush to 4px. Now you can add more dots more freely. The easiest way to it is to click and drag across the image. With the setting that we applied instead of the line being straight it creates many scattered dots which are also different sizes.


34. Right click on the Bright Stars layer and click on Blending Options. Check the Outer Glow feature and click OK. Change the blending mode of the layer to Lighten.


35. Insert the Flare.jpg image (You can download this on the top). Make sure it is the top layer and change the blending mode to Linear Dodge (Add). Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal. Now strategically place this image in between two letter. Preferably on the top left of the text.


36. As you may notice the edge of the image is very sharp so to fix this right click on the Flare layer and click Rasterize Layer if it is not yet rasterized. Now using the Eraser tool, with a soft edged round preset of a size 130px, slowly go around the Flare image and get rid of the sharp edges.


37. Duplicate this layer. Make it smaller and place it somewhere else on the text. Preferably on the opposite side of the previous flare.


38. The final touch is to add an adjustment layer. So go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer> Gradient Map. Click OK. Make sure the colors are from Black to White. Make sure this new layer is the top layer. Change the blending mode to Soft Light and the Opacity to 70%.



Voila! You are done!


If you like this tutorial please share it with others. If you also have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section and post what you were able to make using this tutorial. Have a good one, God bless.


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