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Photoshop Tutorial – Cold Text Effect

Photoshop Tutorial – Cold Text Effect

Level: Intermediate
Time: 20 Minutes
Resource: smoking-ice


This is what we will be creating:

1. Create a new project and make it 1000*450px 2. Double click on the background layer and press OK to unlock it. Call it “BG”. Change the blending settings to the following: Inner Shadow: Multiply, black, opacity 33, distance 0, choke 0, and size 250. Gradient Overlay: Start at #737373 and end at #3a3a3a. Leave the rest the same.

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3. Create a new Hue and Saturation adjustment layer. Set it the following way. 4. Create a new layer and call it “Clouds” and fill it with a #7f7f7f gray. Go to filter>render>clouds. Set the blending mode to “Overlay”. Duplicate this layer and set the opacity to 47%. Select the “Cloud copy” layer and go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal and then do the same with Flip Vertical. You should have something like this. 5. Download the “smoking-ice” Image and bring it into the project. We will be using this image more than once so keep it close. Place it in between the “BG” and the “Smoke” layer. Resize it until you get a place where you see a lot of ice. Change the blending mode to “Subtract” and the opacity to 39%. 6. Next using a thick font (I used Arial Black), size 180pt, all caps, and a color white, type the desired text in the center. Set the character tracking to -140. It’s okay if the letters are touching. 7. Now we’ll add a Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Gradient Overlay, and a Pattern Overlay. Use the following images to set the details of each effect.

For the Pattern Overlay I used one of the “Artist Surface”. Your text should look something like this now.

8. Now bring the “smoking ice” image again on top of the text layer. Select a big piece where the ice is at. You could rename this layer to “Texture.” 9. Right click on the “Texture” layer and click “Create Clipping Mask.” 10. Now to create some smoke above the text bring again the “smoking-ice” image and place it between the “cloud” and “smoking-ice”. Rename it to “smoke.” If this is a smart object right click on the layer and click on “Rasterize Layer.” We just want the smoke part of the image so using the “Lazzo Tool” select a chunk of the smoke like this. Click on the top menu on Select>Inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I) and Edit>Cut (Ctrl+X) Set the blending mode to “Overlay” 11. Now using the Eraser tool with a size of 130px and hardness of 0%, kind of erase around the smoke area so you only see the smoke. Then bring the “smoking ice” image again and cut another piece of smoke until you you have smoke above every letter. Don’t over do it or it will look fake. Mine ended up looking like this.

12. The final touch is to add an Ajustment Layer, so go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map. Make sure the colors are from black to white. Place this layer on top of every layer. Change the blending mode to “Soft Light” and BAM! You are done.

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